How to choose the tyres for your gravel bike

You are ready to ride everywhere, try out the trails and head off on an adventure, but you are only missing one thing: the perfect gravel bike! Here’s some things to take into account when choosing the right bike for you.

How to choose your first gravel bike?

YOU'VE DECIDED YOU REALLY NEED A GRAVEL BIKE? You’re in the right place! A gravel bike is really the ultimate utility bike! Often used by long distance cyclists, it’s ideal for everyone from leisure riders, commuters and racers alike. Theres hundreds of models on the market now, here’s some points to bear in mind when making your choice.

Interview with Olivier, one of the Gravel Up founders

It all goes back to a catch up with JB in October 2020 - he was still in China with some time on his hands but unable to leave due to covid and we were about to go into our 2nd lockdown here in France.

Which of our destinations is the one for you?

We’ve chosen our three destinations really carefully, each are breathtaking in their own right and make for a unique experience on a bike. Choosing between them is tricky so we thought we’d give you a bit more info on each to help you make up your mind. Read on to find out more.

An adventure retold - welcome to the gravel paradise of Les Grands Causses.

My mother always said that you have to take the plunge, a phrase that is entirely appropriate here. No matter what has brought us here and where we have come from, we find ourselves in the saddle ready explore the roads, gravel and paths less travelled here.

View of the Vosges straight from the saddle.

Trip report of a bike adventure in The Vosges, a fantastic region of forest covered, dome shaped mountains and jaw dropping landscapes.

Gravel bike trips: the essential kit list!

A gravel bike is THE perfect bike for this kind of adventure due to its solidity, versatility and more relaxed geometry. You can load the bike with just the few items of kit that you really need, traveling as lightly as possible with frame, handle bar and large saddle bags. Or add front and/or rear panniers for longer journeys or more comfort.

The other side of the Côte d'Azur

Flashback on a three-day traffic-free adventure beyond the tarmac of the Côte d’Azur. Read how GravelUp and Café du Cycliste joined forces to offer a unique experience of the French Riviera to 8 lucky riders coming from all over Europe.

5 good reasons to ride gravel!

For an adventure, for the challenge, for the feel of the ride...It’s not easy to choose only 5 reasons to ride gravel as it unites some of the best parts of cycling for a unique and addictive discipline!

Interview with GravelUp co-founder, Jean-Baptiste

GravelUp was born of passion, freedom and adventures with friends, Here’s an interview with Jean Baptiste Le Blan, one of the founders of GravelUp and a passionate cyclist to boot, as free-flowing as the singletracks that take him towards adventure.

GravelUp, the story

Discover the story of GravelUp: the brainchild of 3 forty-somethings who, after meeting each other on the other side of the World, decided to throw themselves into a slightly crazy adventure!