All the important info you need for getting back out on the Trails.

As everyone heads back to work and school after the summer break, we’ve put all the key info together to help you get back on the bike (if you stopped!):

  • Getting (back) on the bike

  • Choosing the right kit

  • Heading off on a bike trip

  • Gravel events to take part in.

And if you’ve never done gravel …

… and are tempted to head on an adventure through fields, forests, even mountains, but you’re not quite sure how or where to get started? It’s always the right time to have a go at a style of riding that is all about freedom and exploration, and challenging yourself too. And you’ve come to the right place to find out more.

You’ve got three options for giving it a go:

  • Rent a gravel bike

    You might be able to find a rental shop that has gravel bikes, but they are rare. Don’t worry, all is not lost! Our fleet will be at the Gravel Fever Festival (20th-22nd October) as a one off, and also they are always at our open gravel rides from Paris in partnership with Classics Challenge.

  • Come on a trip and test a bike

    Our expeditions are carefully designed to be accessible to all levels, from beginner to expert and everyone in between! Our qualified guides will be on hand with tips to help you make the most of the trip. We recommend the ESCAPE and ADVENTURER trips as the best place to start. 

  • Buy a gravel bike!

    Its a commitment, but one we’re sure you won’t regret. A gravel bike  can take you on an adventure, exploring near (and far) from home and is also perfect for the commute. You can find our gravel bike buying advice here💡.

Planning a bike trip?

You might already be a gravel convert, or a keen roadie ready for adventure with some questions still on how it all works. Luckily our founders, guides and partners have put together some advice for you having been through the learning curve themselves.

The essential kit to take with you

Bikepacking means freedom, and is enticing for this very reason. We’ve put together a checklist of must take kit, specifically for a gravel trip. You can read it here💡.

A bike trip without the hassle.

There’s an alternative to spending hours or days planning, and that’s joining an organised bike trip. You can free up your precious time and energy by letting someone else do the planning and making the bookings, and you can be sure of a successful adventure!

Here at GravelUp we’ve got something for everyone with 4 different formats to choose from. The ESCAPE weekend is a great way to dip your toes into a bike trip, and here’s 5 reasons why 💡.  

Need some inspiration?

Many riders share their trips through all sorts of media, including comics, books, logbooks and films. Inspiring stories giving you a dose of fresh air and adventure, guaranteed to make you want to jump on your bike!

📖 3 bike trip reports 💡(in French)

🎥 3 bike packing films 💡

Are you looking for your next challenge?

As we roll into autumn after a busy summer, there’s still a few weeks left to challenge yourself against the clock. Here’s some gravel events that are not to be missed. (Ps : there a surprise for you in the article 🎁 !)

Make sure you have the right kit for riding gravel.

Having the right kit is key for for max enjoyment, confidence and staying safe on the trails. Here’s our advice for kitting out your bike and yourself to keep riding as we head towards winter.

Gravel tyres - how to choose them 💡

What to wear for winter riding 💡

Happy autumn from everyone at GravelUp!


5 conseils pour entretenir facilement son gravel

Vous voulez entretenir votre gravel mais vous ne savez pas par où commencer ? Colin, notre expert mécanique chez GravelUp, partage ses 5 meilleurs conseils d'entretien pour que vous puissiez chouchouter votre monture directement depuis chez vous. Un gravel bien entretenu, c'est l'assurance d'une longue vie pour votre fidèle compagnon d'aventure !

How to choose the tyres for your gravel bike

Just as there’s all sorts of surfaces, there’s all sorts of cyclists. Some prefer smooth gravel and tarmac, others the rougher the better, rarely riding on the road. And this is where tyre choice comes into play to make your bike ideal for where you ride. We thought it was time to have a look at the different options so no one gets left behind!