Grands Causses

In Aveyron at the heart of Occitanie sits the natural park of Grands Causses, a land of vultures and orchids. From lush green valleys, over arid plateaus onto beautiful and (sometimes) windy ridges, you will be blown away by these landscapes and wide open spaces.


Between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean sea, this remote and wild area blew our mind when we first rode here.

"Causses" are limestone plateaus specific to south-western France and the Larzac and Rougiers are some of the most well known. Life has developed here in tune with this amazing geography with citadels and old villages a plenty. Its almost like travelling back in time riding a bike through these landscapes

Heres what we loved about gravel biking in Les Grands Causses:

  • stone walled paths in the Causse du Larzac and the Causse Noire

  • "aligot" - the local dish of mashed potato fondue, perfect after a full day on the bike

  • amazing views over the valleys from the high rocky plateau

  • Griffon vultures flying over our heads

  • riding through fortified ancient citadels

  • the passionate local Aveyron people, justifiably proud of their home.

Have you heard of Les Causses?

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From €990
Daily distance:
40 - 60 km
Daily elevation:
500 - 1000 M+
2 / 10

Discover the gravel riding heaven that it is Les Grands Causses regional park with us, all from our Base Camp in Millau. Perfect for seeing for yourself what gravel riding is all about (its not just gravel tracks !) and explore this beautiful area of France.

From €1,490
Daily distance:
50 - 80 km
Daily elevation:
1000 - 1500 M+
6 / 10

The « Causses » are limestone plateaus, and theres 7 of them in total to discover on this 5 day loop from our Base Camp in Millau. You’ll find the area of Aveyron is rich and diverse in geography and culture, and provides a great test of your gravel bike skills to top it all off.

From €2,490
Daily distance:
70 - 100+ km
Daily elevation:
1500 M+
10 / 10

Loosely following the « Grand Traverse of the Massif Central », an iconic route crossing the central area of France, come and discover the regional parks of Les Grands Causses and L’Aubrac. Exploring here with us will be a challenge physically that will enable you to discover another world and pace of life.

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An adventure retold - welcome to the gravel paradise of Les Grands Causses.

My mother always said that you have to take the plunge, a phrase that is entirely appropriate here. No matter what has brought us here and where we have come from, we find ourselves in the saddle ready explore the roads, gravel and paths less travelled here.

Gravel Up, our expeditions to explore Aveyron and the natural park of Les Grands Causses, a gravel paradise.

Our team have come up with three expeditions to keep everybody happy, from regular social cyclists to bikepacking fanatics.

Between 3 and 7 days riding crisscrossing the natural park of Les Grands Causses in Aveyron on a gravel bike with a group of like minded riders will allow you find landscapes and views that will take your breath away. GravelUp takes care of everything during the trip, from carefully chosen accommodation to local meals and snacks ideal for a days riding.

It’s not just this care that makes our expeditions unique, its the local knowledge of our guides and the chance to visit local people and places that make for genuine and beautiful picnic spots and overnight stays. All that’s left for you to do is choose which of our trips to start with and get your gravel bike ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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