Gravel events not to be missed this year

The season’s not over yet! Even though the summer holidays are ending, there’s still some gravel events not to be missed this summer, from races to test yourself against the clock  to festivals dedicated to gravel to try it out or even test a bike.

Here’s some of the main gravel events that are coming up soon :

The original : Roc d’Azur in Fréjus, south of France. 4th - 8th October 2023

In the heart of the Maures and Esterel mountains, the Roc d’Azur is one of the biggest MTB event in the world. Started in 1984, today over 20,000 riders take part. There is a full program of rides and races with something for everyone.

New routes have been added recently, including for gravel, cross triathlon, Emtb and even trail running and hiking. 

For gravel there’s 2 rides:

  • Non timed gravel rides of 49 or 70km

  • The race “Gravel Roc” of 65km

👉 Find out about the Roc d’Azur here

The New one : Gravel Fever in Châtellerault, Central France. 20th - 22nd October 2023

THE new event of the year, Gravel Fever will unite gravel obsessives, those who want to try it out and their families and friends in the Poitou region of France. The French Cycling Federation is co organising the event, and it’s not to be missed! 

We’ll be there.

There’s a distance for everyone:

  • Ultra - 400 km

  • Race - 160 km

  • Adventure - 120 km

  • Duo - 80 km

  • Discovery - 50 km

  • Free - 25 km

👉 Find out about the Gravel Fever Festival here

The Works : Velofollies in Courtrai, Belgium. 19th - 21st January 2024

Just on the border of Belgium and France this event encompasses anything with two wheels, from road to MTB, with gravel and even urban cycling in the mix. This will be the 15th edition with a bumper program on offer, including conferences, exchanges with adventure cyclists, writers and industry professionals, as well as rides and workshops. 

Loads of manufacturers will be there too so if you’re in the market for a new bike or kit this will be the ideal place to look.

We’ll be going to come say hi to us.

👉 Find out about Velofollies here.

The Sociable one : Nature is Bike in Angers, north west France. June 2024

The 4th edition of Nature is Bike will be in early June 2024 with a range of rides all based around adventures by bike and gravel with a real festival atmosphere. It’ll be a great chance to discover the area around Angers, as there’s bike packing rides and races for gravel, MTB and eBike that will take in the farm tracks and trails along the Loire. On top of that there will be workshops, parties and forums to keep you busy all weekend.

Here’s the distances on the program:

  • Festive 30 km et 40 km

  • Race 100 km et 200 km

  • Bikepacking 320 km

  • Course ultra 320 km

  • Rando 50 km

👉 Find out more about Nature is Bike here

The International Gravel Races

There’s plenty of gravel races around the world to choose from. We’ve chosen two of the highest profile ones which bring together elite riders from across many cycling disciplines, and gives amateurs a chance to test themselves on challenging courses against the clock.

We’ve tested four of them :

  • The Traka 200km around Girona

  • Wish One Millau Grands Causses in the south of France

  • Nature is Bike 100km and 300km

  • And recently all the team participated in the BikingMan 555 Vercors (500 km, 12 000m D+ to be achieved in 55H max!) : an asphalt race at 80% with connecting sections on tracks representing 20% of the total mileage !

Gravel Earth Series

The first edition of the Gravel Earth Series of races has taken place in 2023, uniting 6 top gravel races around the world. The stages are The Traka in Spain, Nature is Bike in France, Migration Gravel Race in Kenya, Octopus in Switzerland, The Rift in Iceland, Bergslagen NGS in Sweden and the final stage which will be in Cardona, Catalonia in September.

👉 Find out about the Gravel Earth Series here.

UCI Gravel World Series

Created in 2022, this circuit of races is the pinnacle of the UCI’s gravel calendar. Riders have come to gravel from across the other disciplines in search of the precious UCI rainbow jersey. This year there’s 16 events on the calendar on every continent. 

Each race is an opportunity for people to qualify for the World Championships which will be in Veneto, Northern Italy on the 7th and 8th October this year. The top 25% of each age category of both sexes automatically qualify for the finals.

All sorts of riders take part in the qualifying races - at the front end are elites and pros, and towards the back are amateurs and equally as passionate cyclists who want to take part in a race with the pros.

Did you know…? Ali Gibb, one of our guides, will be racing in Veneto this year having won her category in Millau in June. Chapeau!

👉 Find out about the UCI Gravel World Series here.

And you, ready to put on a bib?


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