Sierra Morena

Welcome to southern Spain and the Andalusian mountains! The Sierra Morena is the ideal place for winter riding for some much needed sunshine. Come and explore these beautiful and unspoilt mountains with us, with gravel trails as far as the eye can see. Sunshine, tapas, sangria and gravel, what more do you need?!

October 2023 - March 2024


Welcome to Andalusia and the Sierra Morena, a well kept secret only a stone’s throw from Seville. Tourists here are few and far between, you’ll only find locals out on an adventure.

We’ve got 3 and 5 days trips to help you make the most of the precious winter sunshine between October and March each year.

Immerse yourself in nature in this incredible area - on the plains and prairies tucked between peaks (known locally as Dehesa) and the typical “pueblos blancos,” white painted hamlets perched on the hillside.

The wide smooth gravel trails make for the ideal intro to gravel riding, and the extensive network is the perfect playground for those with a bit more experience. Whatever your level, a real sense of freedom is all but guaranteed with kms and kms of paths to explore without a car in sight!

Here’s just a few reasons why you should come ride here with us:

  • Everything is included, within a small group of 8 to 10 riders max.

  • You have a local guide for the entire trip.

  • Quality bikes to hire, either standard or electric.

  • Experience Andalusia like never before with yoga, wellbeing and local wine/food tastings.

How can you resist the Andalusian gravel in the middle of winter?!

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From €1,250
Daily distance:
40 - 60 km
Daily elevation:
500 - 1000M+
2 / 10

Join us for 3 days riding from our Basecamp in the heart of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park and discover the beautiful semi desert and Eucalyptus forests of these mini mountains. The networks of gravel tracks and trails are so quiet, it’s as if they are reserved just for us cyclists!

From €1,750
Daily distance:
50 - 80 km
Daily elevation:
1000 - 1500M+
5 / 10

Ride through the heart of the Sierra Morena Natural Park on our five day adventure from Seville. Discover the best of Andalusia by bike and make the most of the winter sunshine.