Our tips for riding gravel in Paris

Would you believe us if we were to tell you that you can be in a forest, deep in the heart of nature, and just a few kms from Paris?

Adventure is never far away, even if you call Paris home! You just need a good route and the right kit to get out there and make the most of the fresh air just outside the city.

Taking your bike on the train opens up lots of possibilities - Rambouillet, Chantilly, Fontainebleau, Compiègne or Dreux where endless trails await.

Here’s our tips for getting out there exploring on a gravel bike.

Give gravel a go on a group ride

Our first piece of advice is to start with a group ride. It’s a great way to meet other like minded cyclists and also to explore new trails, all with the back up of the group.

Roughly once a month we organise a social group ride that’s open to everyone, and free. It’s not a race at all, we’re there for the chat and coffee too!

On the 10th of June we ran the first #CC Gravel with Classics Challenge. 50 riders gathered at the starting point for a 70km gravel route to Chantilly, before returning home on the train. Origine gravel bikes were available to hire, so it was a perfect chance to try out gravel for some, and to test a new gravel bike for others.

Our favorite gravel routes from Paris

Following the gravel rides we’ve run in conjunction with Steel Cyclewear and Coffeeshop and Classics Challenge, we’re pleased to share our favorite route with you.

It’s been tried and tested, not only by our team, but more importantly all the riders who took part in the social rides. Adventure awaits inside the Peripherique, so don’t delay, get on yer bike!

If you are passing through Paris, don’t hesitate to get off the beaten track and explore around the French capital, from the Chevreuse Valley to the Chantilly Forest. You’ll soon realise that Paris and Gravel are not that far apart!

We recommend 40mm width tyres as a minimum for this ride:

1. Paris-Versailles-Meudon (#6)

Link to the ride

2. Paris-Chantilly : 59,4 km - 650m D+

Link to the ride

3. Between Seine & Marne : 76,3 km - 310m D+

Link to the ride

Organise your own private group ride

Would you like to organise a ride locally or to some of the forests and countryside nearby? Get in touch with us with your ideas and contact us. Whether it’s for a seminar or get together, with friends and/or colleagues, we’d love to chat cycling with you !

We also have Origine gravel bikes available to rent, both traditional muscle power and electric versions.


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