Collaboration : Origine Cycles X GravelUp

A common vision of Gravel

Gravel is a state of mind. It is the freedom to ride where you want, when you want. It is also a community of passionate people whose primary motivation is not performance or competition, but the deep desire to reconnect with nature. Gravel fans share a love of outdoor adventures and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

It is to develop this philosophy of Gravel that Origine and GravelUp join forces. Gravel bikes as Origine designs them are particularly versatile bikes, combining comfort and performance. They are made to support you on relatively long experiences and to share great adventures as during GravelUp expeditions, through the beautiful mountain ranges and landscapes of Europe.

Origine, French manufacturer of high-tech gravel bikes

Origin bikes benefit from cutting-edge technological innovations for a singular result combining performance, comfort, ease and reliability. These unique features allowed the flagship gravel bike of the range, the Graxx, to be voted best gravel bike 2021 in France, and silver medal during the gravel election in the Benelux in 2022.

The gravel range has been expanded with the Help gravel, the lightweight and sporty electric gravel bike. The assistance allows to easily pass the steepest slopes and offers the comfort of smoothing the differences in levels. The light and discreet engine, allows to keep a very good maneuverability.

More over, all Origine bikes are designed, painted and assembled by experts in the Somain factory in the North of France. It is this expertise and quality that will be made available to participants of GravelUp expeditions. Indeed, you can live these adventures on the Origine gravel bikes. Graxx and Help Gravel will be at your disposal to fully enjoy your gravel stay.

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Read the article published in Les Echos in April 2023 (in french) about the 10 years of Origine Cycles and the announcement of the partnership with GravelUp. Selected excerpt :


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