Gravel bikes are the more polyvalent bikes you can find. Made for almost all kind of terrains, they combine the performance of a road bike to the comfort of a mountain bike.

Gravel bikes are ideal to cover large distances and cross mountain ranges.

But Gravel is mainly a Spirit, the freedom to ride wherever and whenever you want.

It is also a community of passionates without any performance or competitive motivation but the strong desire to reconnect with Nature.

Gravel fans share love for the Outdoor, adventures and sustainable lifestyle.

At some point in our lives, we have all been looking for some taste of extreme. But we have been hesitating by either lack of time, training or self confidence.

With GravelUp, it is finally possible !

Here is what is waiting for you in our expeditions:

It is all about climbing summits. And this what we will have you do during our expeditions: climb the summits from the most pristine european mountain ranges.

So yes there will be some incline, some physical challenge but mostly a total immersion in the mountain eco systems.

At GravelUp we are convinced that crossing mountains on a bike makes you Happy.

We propose you a new style of performance. This is not competition or time chrono but (really) to elevate yourself in your mind by reconnecting to yourself, to the others and to our planet earth.

Our expeditions are meant to be transformative, full of exchange and sharings between our guides, our partners and our Gravel Uppers.

Our system of levels will give you the opportunity to progress in your practice of biking adventures. Each completed expedition will make you access to the next challenge and we are here to accompany you and have you progress. Unlocking the next destination is your challenge.

GravelUp, creator of gravel bike adventures and trips.

Like you probably, we fell in love with the gravel bike. It started with a few outings, just like this to see, then it became a regular practice until creating this crazy project that is GravelUp: a gravel bike trip agency.

Together, we invite you to go on a gravel bike adventure, exploring the wonders of mountain ranges all over Europe. Stays of all levels so that everyone can find their dose of pleasure or personal challenge, but always on a gravel bike!

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