Where to ride in gravel this spring?

Gravel’s on the rise in France, and with good reason. There’s gravel trails, wild paths and remote roads just waiting to be explored. Not to mention the incredibly varied landscapes with jaw-dropping views that make for an exceptional bike trip in Nature. So if you’re ready for a French adventure, check out our top 5 gravel destinations below!

Where to ride gravel this spring?

1. Ventoux, Provence

Down in the south east of France you’ll find the jewel in the crown of Provence and gravel paradise, Mont Ventoux. Wide trails, forest tracks and winding roads make for awesome views across the vineyards and hamlets so typical of southern France.

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2. The Vosges, Eastern France

You’ll find valleys and forest trails a-plenty in the Vosges, making it a perfect for riding gravel. In springtime it’s covered by lush green forests and meadows full of flowers, giving the region a peaceful haven feel - ideal for any cyclist in search of a getaway. There’s so many passes and lakes in a pristine natural environment just waiting to be explored.

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3. Grands Causses, Occitanie

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Grands Causses offers spectacular and unique scenery. You’ll find stunning gorges, arid plateaus and quintessential hamlets with wild and pristine spaces. The trails wind their way through impressive and authentic landscapes perfect for a bike adventure with a little bit of challenge.

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4. Corsica

With it’s turquoise waters, craggy mountains and wild cliffs, the Beautiful Isle feels far removed from mainland France and makes for a dream gravel destination. Spring is the perfect time to ride here, with very few tourists and warm (but not too hot!) temperatures. Explore winding coastal roads with impressive views of the Med, or lose yourself in the mountainous and wild interior to find authentic villages and vistas to take your breath away.

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5. The Morvan, Burgundy

The Morvan Natural Regional Park is a real gem of Burgundy, and perfect for gravel! With winding roads traversing vibrant forests and peaceful lakes enclosed by lush hillsides, it’s gravel heaven only a few hours form Paris and Lyon. Spring is when nature is out in full force here and the Morvan becomes an enchanted forest just waiting to be discovered.

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Happy riding and happy exploring!


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