Welcome to Corsica. This gem of an island is full of gravel paths and tiny roads. Between mountains, cliffs and the sea theres also deserted wilderness from where you will discover the beauty of the Mediterranean from a totally different angle.


Col de verde, Col de la Vierge or Col de Saint-Eustache? Unless you prefer the desert or the sea to the mountains? We aren't sure where to take you first as theres too much to choose from. "L'Ile de Beauté" as Corsica is otherwise known is the perfect playground for gravel.

Heres some of our highlights from our gravel bike adventures on Corsica:

  • riding in the mountains and by the sea in the same day

  • the poorly maintained roads are perfect for a gravel bike!

  • the sound of our bikes on the smooth gravel tracks

  • natural water fountains almost everywhere

  • small black wild pigs and horses on the Corsican plateau

  • local food specialities (have you tasted wild boar paté yet?)

What does Corsica make you dream of?

Choose your expedition type

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From €1,490
3 days / 3 nights
Daily distance:
40 - 60 km
Daily elevation:
500 - 1000M+
4 / 10

3 days of adventure with day rides from our Base Camp. Discover the mountains in the heart of Corsica with cols to climb and incredible 360 views out to sea.

From €1,990
5 days / 4 nights
Daily distance:
50 - 80 km
Daily elevation:
1000 - 1500M+
6 / 10

Our 5 day point to point adventure will take you from our Base Camp through mountains to the coast of Corsica, taking in all the local culture en route, with the odd col to climb thrown in for a challenge. The ideal expedition to get away from it all.

From €2,990
Daily distance:
70 - 100+ km
Daily elevation:
1500 M+
10 / 10

If you fancy the challenge of crossing Corsica on a gravel bike then this the the expedition for you ! Armed with our local guide and a gravel bike you’ll discover every facet (well almost !) that Corsica has to offer, and tackle the physical challenge of riding from the sea to the mountains and back again.

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On Course for Corsica ?

Gravel, Corsican style. The Beautiful Isle is well known for it’s rocky coastline with beautiful beaches and mountains aplenty, not to mention it’s culinary delights, traditions and an all round generous nature. Which all makes for an intoxicating mix, so it’s easy to see why we’re so keen to take more trips there !

Gravel Up, our expeditions to discover Corsica in gravel.

Our team have come up with three expeditions to keep everybody happy, from regular social cyclists to bikepacking fanatics.

Between 3 and 7 days riding crisscrossing Corsica on a gravel bike with a group of like minded riders will allow you find landscapes and views that will take your breath away. GravelUp takes care of everything during the trip, from carefully chosen accommodation to local meals and snacks ideal for a days riding.

It’s not just this care that makes our expeditions unique, its the local knowledge of our guides and the chance to visit local people and places that make for genuine and beautiful picnic spots and overnight stays. All that’s left for you to do is choose which of our trips to start with and get your gravel bike ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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