GravelUp, the story

GravelUp is the brainchild of 3 forty-somethings who, after meeting each other on the other side of the World, decided to throw themselves into a slightly crazy adventure! We’re united by our shared passions for travel and cycling, bringing our individual experiences and knowledge together as GravelUp.

That’s us below – Jb, Oliv and Aurel. Maybe, like some of you, we craved a different way of life where we were in control and not stuck in the daily grind. So GravelUp was born - not just another holiday company but an ‘Adventure Enabler,’ helping you to explore some of the most beautiful and unspoilt mountain ranges in Europe, all on your new best friend… a gravel bike!


June 2021, and after months of figuring out what Gravel Up was going to be, it was finally time to go in search of gravel to test both our concept and our bikes. We were on the hunt for adventure on a remote journey through the mountains… But where to go? It needed to be legendary, so Corsica ticked all our boxes in terms of the riding, scenery and authenticity, whilst still being off the beaten track.

Our journey across Corsica was the springboard for our next adventure - making Gravel Up a reality.  It was a welcome chance for the 3 of us to be together and reinforce what we’ve always known… that riding bikes across mountains makes you happy.

A life-changing journey to formalise Gravel Up’s ethos and « raison d’être » - enabling our riders to explore some of the many hidden gems of Europe, meeting local people and sharing the joy of the journey with fellow riders.

Corse X


My GravelUp adventure in the heart of the Grands Causses Natural Regional Park

It was with the impressive Millau viaduct, limestone plateaus and deep gorges as a backdrop that we set off to explore this incredible area, and where it seems you can do almost any outdoor sport. The Tarn and Dourbie rivers meet at Millau, creating an natural amphitheatre, and its from here that our journey begins, on gravel bikes, ready for adventure.

gravel grands causses
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