3 bikepacking movies you must see


If you’ve never seen this movie, it’s about time you did! This inspiring film tells the story of three childhood friends who set off on a 54,000km adventure to chase their dream of travelling the world on their bikes, while completing quirky challenges on the way.

During these three years through many challenges and encounters, the hidden past of some will resurface. As the trip goes on, the sum of these experiences teaches them about human kindness. 



Picture this for a second: everything you own fits in a handful of bags and your home is a winding road that will take you from Canada to Argentina.

In this film, Martijn Doolaard experiences adventure on one of the most beautiful roads in the world, from the windy coasts of California to the thick Mexican jungles and the alpine forests of Patagonia. 

A movie in four episodes, free on YouTube. 



“The Frozen Road” is a movie shot and edited by Ben Page during his round-the-world bike trip. This short film is an honest vision on solo travel, on wonder, terror and frustration, all of them emotions that Ben felt while crossing the unforgiving emptiness of one of the “last wild regions” of the world: the Canadian Arctic.

His goal was to find perfect solitude. He quickly realised that the harsh truth of travelling in such a great environment was far from idyllic and romantic… 



All the important info you need for getting back out on the Trails.

As everyone heads back to work and school after the summer break, we’ve put all the key info together to help you get back on the bike (if you stopped!): Getting (back) on the bike, choosing the right kit, heading off on a bike trip, gravel events to take part in...

Gravel vs Road, what’s the difference?

It’s not really news anymore that gravel is having it’s moment, with all kinds of bikes now available for all kinds of riding. It’s where MTB meets road riding, for a do-it-all bike that can take on a large variety of terrain, with unrivalled versatility. A gravel bike can take you from your daily commute to a long distance trip, via any trail it can find in between. So is a gravel bike just another bike on the market??