Bike adventures are for men and women alike, as vouched for by our clients.

We’ve had great feedback from our first all female gravel trip in the Morvan, and we’ve got this to report:

“Ladies, bike adventures are for you too!”

More and more women are booking a gravel bike trip. 

Some come from road riding, or other sports like trail running, and some are starting from scratch, often trying a gravel bike for the first time. Thanks to electric bikes it’s really accessible for all levels of fitness.

Everyone is united by a common goal - to head off on a bike adventure and push their limits just a little.

We’ve gathered together testimonials from the ladies who were part of the unforgettable and enriching all female experience.

Pushing the boundaries

Having a few pre-trip nerves is normal and indeed it’s part of the process.

Will I be able to keep up with the rest of the group? Will I be fit enough to ride back-to-back days? Will I even like gravel?

A bike adventure has its own rhythm which develops along the way - it’s not a race! Every trip starts with a Prologue ride so that everyone gets the feel of the gravel (bike and terrain!) and feels comfortable on their steeds.

Our qualified guides are on hand to help with bike skills and overcome any concerns.

Right from the start there was absolutely no pressure and, thanks to some handy tips and advice, I quickly gained confidence and improved my technique too.” - Sophie D

Buoyed by the positive vibes from the group everyone manages more than they thought was possible, sometimes pushing their comport zones and making it to the summit, or nailing that descent! It’s super satisfying to discover a new found strength and fitness, both physical and mental.

Strength in numbers

Alone we may go fast but together we go further” perfectly sums up a Gravel Up experience. Over the course of a few days and after just a few hours:

An amazing group spirit and solidarity united us” - Sophie D

The group ambiance helps everyone to gain confidence and improve quickly, finding their place in our small groups of 8 to 12 people.

“Being part of a group is really great” - Sophie S

Encouragement and help is free flowing within all our groups, and riding through nature only deepens the team bonds.

As a woman I was a bit apprehensive of finding myself in a group with all these guys, and maybe holding them up too much… but that was not the case at all! I did so much more that I though possible on a gravel bike, and it has been a revelation. The feeling of freedom I got from riding gravel is incredible!” - Eve

Adapted to your needs

Everyone is different, male and female alike. Thats why we have a variety of saddles and women specific models available for all our bikes on every trip. Our team are used to tweaking bikes to fit people just right for maximum comfort as you’d expect. Don’t forget some good padded shorts though!

At our base camp we guarantee that ladies will share with another female occupant or have a single room.

And if you are worried about your fitness level then Eve, who is just back from a 5 day Explorer trip in the Grands Causses, has a message for you: 

For anyone still hesitating, don’t! The electric gravel bike meant I could do it all, without having a heart attack!” - Eve

Nathalie joined her husband on their first trip and didn’t touch a bike. They booked a second trip a few months later and this time she was straight in the saddle… here’s her thoughts:

“The e-bike has opened up all sorts of possibilities. It was so reassuring. I kept up with the group no problem and the whole trip was great!” - Nathalie R

So all that’s left to say is come and have a go! Theres a space for everyone.

The gift of Adventure

“JI’d never ridden gravel so I was curious to give it a go… so I did! And I definitely don’t regret it!” - Sophie D

So is it your turn on the next trip? Or how about your mother / sister / girlfriend / aunt / wife??

Look no further! You can get them an unforgettable trip with our gift vouchers for a perfect and original present.

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