On Course for Corsica ?

Imagine yourself, riding along a forest trail overlooking the bright blue sea, the perfect riding temperature and alongside 9 other adventurers, all enjoying the moment with grins all round.

Welcome to paradise.

Corsica, a favored destination.

Cherished by hikers for its renowned GR20 trail and favored by cyclists for its coastal roads clinging to cliffs, Corsica sends shivers down my spine and has always been a source of inspiration. The desire for vast open spaces grows within me. When joining this adventure, the goal was simple: go further, turn my daily outings into extended journeys. The GravelUp team crafted a memorable experience for us: exploring the Isle of Beauty, specifically the Sartenais and Alta Rocca regions, aboard high-end bicycles ideal for reaching the most remote territories.

With its evident qualities, gravel bikes love to venture off the beaten path, and so do we. Let's kick off the dream in the south of Corsica, at an almost utopian base camp near Sartène, to recharge in the company of a host who is an epicurean, passionate about travel, cuisine, and connections. Gravel bikes enable us to take on the most beautiful trails, roads, and picturesque paths to discover the unusual and the magical!

After a couple days I feel free! Adventure in nature, without taking it too seriously. That’s what GravelUp is all about, coming back to the basics of pedalling, living and laughing. The trip was full of emotion and sensations, and my teammates who were strangers to begin with were my adventure buddies within hours. An unforgettable adventure!

This journey across Corsica takes us through surprisingly beautiful places such as the Plateau de Coscione, the Ortolo Valley, and the Cala Di Conca. The narrow, cobbled streets of Sartène wind around charming churches, providing views of villages clinging to the mountains and offering spectacular views.

Corsica often reminds us of its wild nature. The landscape expresses itself in various ways, and as it cannot be tamed, wild boars or horses roam the roads, weather whims can be striking at times, and all these events transform the journey into an expedition towards the foot of the Bavella needles and the Plateau du Coscione.

It's not just about the bike though, Gravel Up also believe that "Beyond Biking" is equally as important so that you are 100% present both on and off the bike. It would be rude not to make the most of the local cultures and understand a bit more of the turbulent history of Corsica from the locals. Don’t forget the local specialities too – local wines full of character, delicate olice oils and even local clementines picked straight from the tree if we are lucky !

Rest and relaxation is an important part of an adventure and moments of relaxation will feature highly, including yoga and moments shared together to help repair body and mind after all those kms ridden.

So are you on course to discover Corsica with us ? If you love adventure, exploration, and are seeking a timeless moment in your year or your life, dream big and set out on a quest for the UP Corsica badge! This badge is the ultimate reward of the adventure, personally handed over by the GravelUp teams.

Gravel Magazine came and rode Corsica with us last year, this was what their Editor-in-chief had to say at the end of the trip : "The weather has been incredible and we’ve made the most of these last few moments on the fantastic Beautiful Isle. We spent the last evening in a good restaurant in Place Marcha, reliving the 4 days we had spent together and all the memories we would take home with us. As well as a definite desire to come back again !"

Come join the Gravel Up Corsica adventure !


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