Which Gravel Upper are you?

Got questions about our 3 levels?
Our guide Ali Gibb will help you understand the differences.

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Adventurer trips are 3 days long, with day rides coming back to our Basecamp each night. Perfect if you’d like to give gravel riding a try but don’t ride that regularly... yet!

Leisure cycling and/or commuting
Health condition
I'm active and enjoy physical activities on a regular basis.


Explorer expeditions are loops of 5 days riding from our Basecamp. A perfect introduction to multi-day bike adventures, without the need to carry all your kit, and a great way to explore an area.

Ride regularly at a reasonable intensity (road, mountain bike, gravel, bike touring...)
Health condition
I'm sporty, I exercise more than once a week.


Pathfinder adventures are our most challenging expeditions! The aim is to ride across a region, taking the path less travelled of course, and making for a unique adventure. We’ll need 7 days to explore the whole area and it will definitely be a challenge.

Very often, long rides with friends, multi day bike trips.
Health condition
Athletic, I train or ride several times a week.