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Our sale starts on Wednesday 8th December. Have a sneak preview at our introductory offer and the benefits for you…

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How does it work?

  • Choose your expedition
  • Choose your destination
  • Decide the date later

Benefits at the camp…

  • Guaranteed spot on an expedition between April and October 2022
  • With 20% off the full price
  • Top of the range gravel bike rental on us!
  • Book for you and your friends (up to 10 people)

Choose your adventure


A weekend to discover gravel riding with a star-shaped route from our home base. An accessible getaway for gravel beginners and occasional cyclists on diverse terrains.


Experience your first bike journey! 3 days to delve into the cycling adventure with a star-shaped route from our home base. This format is tailored for active individuals and occasional cyclists looking to explore a territory on moderately challenging terrains.


A 5-day gravel itinerary for a total immersion in the territory. This level is designed for regular cyclists seeking to embark on a longer adventure, sometimes on more demanding terrain.


Pathfinder adventures are our most challenging expeditions! The aim is to ride across a region, taking the path less travelled of course, and making for a unique adventure. We’ll need 7 days to explore the whole area and it will definitely be a challenge.

More details on our expeditions