Riding into Spring!

Get set for better weather! We’re so looking forward to Spring and making the most of the days getting longer and warmer. Just what you need for a gravel adventure.

Are you tempted by a springtime getaway?

The celebrated Ventoux region.

3 days of adventure on the flanks of the Giant of Provence. Ventoux has drawn cyclists to its slopes for decades, and you can be there too from 28th to 31st March for a dose of sunshine in the South of France.

Why Ventoux?

  • Variety of terrain, diverse trails, from earthy tracks to tiny back roads winding through gorges, ideal for a gravel bike!

  • A rich heritage and history, with picturesque villages and historical monuments in a pristine natural environment.

  • Over 300 days of sunshine a year!

    Other departures : 25 - 28 April, 2 - 5 May, 20 - 23 June

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    Our other destinations in March & April 2024 :

  • Spain : 7 -10 March, > Here

  • French Riviera : 14 - 17 March, 28 - 31 March, 4 - 7 April > Here

  • Morvan (France) : 15 - 17 March, 12 au 14 avril (+ may & june) > Here

  • Aveyron (France) : 25 - 28 April > Here

  • Corsica (France) : 25 - 28 April > Here

Set sail for the Beautiful Isle

In May you can also find yourself deep in the heart of the beautiful Corsica! Join us for a 5 day point to point gravel trip from the 1st to the 5th of May and explore around Sartène in the south of the island. A getaway that can give you a physical challenge and a total immersion in the wild nature and culture of Corsica.

Why Corsica?

  • An out of this world itinerary with views out to sea as far as the eye can see.

  • The famous wild black pigs and horses on the high plateaus.

  • Local delicacies, including wild boar pâté.

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    Other departures 2024 : 8 - 12 May, 17 - 20 May, 23 - 26 May, 6 - 9 June

The Wild Massif des Vosges

Or join us for a long weekend from the 6th to the 9th May in the Vosges mountains - think big open spaces and green forests. All interlinked with trails just waiting for you to ride!

Why the Vosges?

  • Lush forests and wide open spaces.

  • A chance to recharge in peaceful and beautiful mountains.

  • Our unique basecamp - a log cabin deep in the Vosges forest.

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    Other departures 2024 : 13 - 16 June, 27 - 30 June

Explore the spectacular Grands Causses

From the 17th to the 20th May, we’ll take you to this little known gem between the Lozère and Aveyron in the south of France. A Causse is a limestone plateau, and there 7 in the area separated by winding gorges and canyons with spectacular cliffs a-plenty.

Why the Grands Causses?

  • A real playground for cyclists in the heart of a Natural Park.

  • Enjoy proper downtime, with yoga, meditation and total relaxation.

  • Be immersed in nature at it’s best - The Grands Causses are known for their pristine beauty and tranquility.

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    Other departures 2024 : 25 - 28 April, 8 - 12 May, 5 - 9 June, 13 - 16 June

Norway: Paradise Unveiled !

A 3 day long weekend spent on dream gravel trails in the land of fjords, lakes and forests. From the 13th to the 16th June is ideal for giving gravel a go in an amazing natural environment.

Why Norway?

  • A real gravel paradise for all levels.

  • 3 days or 5 days in raw nature, and an adventure combo of sport, exploration and total disconnection.

  • A Scandinavian sauna after a good days riding.

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    Other departures 2024 : 19 - 23 June, 27 - 30 June, 3 - 7 July, 11 - 14 July, 17 - 21 July, 25 - 28 July

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