Norway by gravel bike, the route to paradise.

Getting away from the crowds, mass tourism and all it’s trappings is what a bike trip to Norway is all about.

Norway is a mythical place for nature lovers, adventure lovers and those in search of some space. In this northern corner of Europe you’ll find spectacular scenery, jaw dropping fjords, majestic mountain, glaciers, waterfalls, crystal clear lakes… the list goes on!

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Why explore Norway by gravel bike?

The best way to explore the delights of Norway is without a doubt by bike, and particularly a gravel bike as they are ideal for the gravel paths and country backroads that crisscross the country.

Being able to get off the beaten track means you’ll discover the local culture and the wild landscapes in a much more intimate way, meaning authenticity a-plenty. Every pedal stroke is richly rewarded.

The Norwegian infrastructure is perfect for cycling, with smooth gravel tracks, super quiet roads and loads of accommodation well suited to cyclists. Which all adds up to a great bike trip.

It’s one of the best countries for “Slow Travel” exploration… to make the most of nature. It’s also a great way to get adventuring far from where is accessible by vehicle.

So to sum up, a bike trip in Norway is an unforgettable and unique experience, with breath-taking scenery, a local culture passionate about the outdoors, great cycling infrastructure, and of course the chance to make the most of all the dream gravel trails. All in a totally unique landscape, making for an experience not to be missed.

Join us for an out-of-this-world adventure!

Gravel Up have put together a bike adventure for you starting from the capital Oslo. We’ll take you on a trip like nothing else, meeting people and living an adventure en route.

Here’s some reasons why you should come ride here with us:

  1. 3 to 5 days of point to point riding, with 40 - 80kms a day on incredible trails, in a relaxed atmosphere and with no timekeeping.

  2. Follow our local guide and make the most of each and every trail that they’ve planned for you.

  3. We take care of everything! You just need to get yourself to Oslo and home again.

  4. Wellness - relaxation or meditation for a total unwind.

  5. Top end carbon gravel bikes from Fara Cycling available for you to rent and try out.

Join us for an out-of-this-world adventure.

We’ve got a special one off trip with the founder of Fara Cycling just for you. How about an out-of-this-world gravel trip in the heart of the Scandinavian mountains? Join Jeff Webb, founder of the high end Norwegian bike brand Fara Cycling.

Enjoy complimentary bike rental thanks to Fara Cycling of a F/Gravel of F/All road carbon bike worth €340.

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So will you come ride with us?


L'aventure à vélo est faite pour les femmes, retours d’expérience de nos clientes.

Depuis notre premier séjour gravel 100 % féminin dans le Morvan et les retours de nombreuses clientes, nous souhaitons faire passer un message important : **Mesdames, l'aventure à vélo est aussi faite pour vous.** Nous avons rassemblé les témoignages et les retours d'expérience des femmes qui ont vécu un séjour inoubliable et une expérience enrichissante.

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