Which of our destinations is the one for you?

We’ve chosen our three destinations really carefully, each are breathtaking in their own right and make for a unique experience on a bike. Choosing between them is tricky so we thought we’d give you a bit more info on each to help you make up your mind. Read on to find out more.


The Beautiful Isle, as it’s known, doesn’t lack for gravel just waiting to be explored. From the mountains and cliffs to the deserts, you’ll discover this jewel of the Mediterranean from a totally different perspective.

Corsica is best suited to those cyclists ready for an adventure. Theres a wide variety of trails, including some unique sections across the Corsican Pampa, and climbs and descents to really test those on two wheels. Its an ever-changing landscape, from mountain peaks to the sea via the desert. Not to forget the black pigs and goats who live on the island and wander freely… in a couple words, totally transporting.

Corsica is perfect for you if you love mountains and the sea, you’ll find jaw dropping views around every corner. And you’ll discover the local culture and people with vineyard visits and tastings, to mention but a few.

The paths and back roads we take are far from the touristy and crowded parts of the island. So if you are on the hunt for a trip where you’ll discover the landscape and the real culture of Corsica, you love being in nature and an adventure, you’ve got some bike handling skills and want to push yourself a bit on the physical front… Corsica is without a doubt the one for you!


In Aveyron, deep in the heart of Occitanie in the south of France, you’ll find the Grands Causses Natural Regional Park, home of orchids and vultures. A Causse is a high limestone plateau unique to this area and there’s seven here, each with its own geology and exposed cliff bands, separated by hidden wooded valleys and gorges.

This is a place for those in search of authenticity and somewhere steeped in history, with a mosaic of landscapes, ancient templar villages a plenty and a real sense of space. At times it’s a wild place, tucked between the Massif Central mountains and the Mediterranean, we were blown away when we were scouting our trips here.

In terms of the terrain there’s everything! Rolling tracks and paths across the plateaus, little back roads and some super steep gravel to test your legs and lungs. The Grands Causses is home to some exceptional places including the plateaus of Larzac and Rougiers, ancient templar cities and other villages, still made entirely of stone.

It’s impossible not to be touched by this other worldly adventure. Trying the local speciality is an absolute must too - Aligot! We won’t spoil the surprise, just know that there’s nothing better after a good day on the bike.

So in just a few words, the Grands Causses is still a fairly unknown part of France, far from any touristy places, with a rich history and exceptional beauty, and is ideal to be explored by bike.


Looking through “Vosges tinted glasses” is an apt description for this regional park in eastern France just south of Strasbourg.

Here is French gravel paradise, where it’s as if the trails have been made just for your and your bike. The network of forest tracks is unrivalled and the valleys and rounded peaks make for a terrain ideal for all cyclists, from those taking the first plunge off the tarmac to experienced gravel grinders.

A wild and lush landscape with fir and spruce forests as far as the eye can see, with many glacial mountain lakes dotted throughout… which all makes for great cycling, the tranquility allowing you a complete de-connection from the usual rhythms of daily life. 

The Vosges mountain range is well known but little frequented, to our delight! And it’s so extensive with so much to explore, we feel as if we are just scratching the surface.

It’s not just lakes and forests, the locals are fiercely proud of their local culture and specialities which you’ll have the chance to sample throughout. In the Vosges, farms double as guest houses and serve the “Marcaire menu” (marcaire = herdsman) being the meats and cheeses produced on the farm with delicious potatoes, think French ploughman’s! Don’t forget the Munster breaks with the excellent local wines…

Whichever destination you choose, we have three levels of trips, in terms of the physical and technical difficulties, so there’s something for everyone.

Which are you going to choose?!


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